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If men carry purses, what would be in yours

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ha ha, yeah...funny concept for a question!

I'll admit there have been a few times I've thought girls have it good sometimes, carrying a purse.  They can haul around extra stuff that can be handy.  I wear cargo pants most of the time, but I still don't carry a lot of stuff that I might if I routinely carried a backpack or "purse", mostly because the weight in the pockets doesn't carry well.

I think most folks have covered it though.... for me the every day carry stuff that I don't carry would include  flashlight, small very basic 1st aid kit, tissues or wipes.  Then as needed I'd throw in things like battery brick, drinking water, snacks,....stuff like that.

Back when I used to carry a brief case for work, I could put things in that I needed for work (or just wanted to have handy), such as small ruler or scale, small tools I might need, little reference materials, magnifiers, cpr mask,...


Other girl stuff that I'm occasionally jealous of...

wearing skirts (essentially shorts and sometimes even better than shorts maybe) when it's inappropriate for me to wear anything except long pants

ditto tank tops and the like, that would be cooler and more comfortable than regular shirts when it wouldn't be appropriate for me to wear a t-shirt

ditto open toe shoes/flip flops, and generally a lot more availability of shoe types and styles

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During the week, I have my briefcase with me - it's more of a tech bag to hold my computer (a Microsoft Surface) but it's got lots of pockets where I carry a leatherman tool, a flashlight, a small personal first aid kit, eyeglass repair kit, eyeglass microfiber cleaning cloth, a bottle of acetaminophen, a digital camera with spare batteries and a charger,  and a spare bandana.  Pens, pencils and paper should go without saying.

In my car I have two seat back organizers from Duluth Trading.  One has a large first aid kit, a tool kit (wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.), a roll of tp (in a Ziploc), ice scrapers, a large flashlight (LED), spare batteries,  extra ziplocs, a road triangle set (one of the new-fangled cloth kind), jumper cables, duct tape, a trowel, a space blanket (someone gave me one and it was a handy place to put it), a small umbrella (fits in a case about the length and width of a smart phone) and a micro-fiber towel.  The other has pretty much everything I carry in my briefcase (except the computer and camera) and also a box of tissues, a plastic cup, a couple of books (I find short stories are best), spare batteries, a small High Spirit's flute, a small dinner set (small plate, knife, fork, spoon, paring knife, small cutting board, and cloth napkin), some paracord, some carabiners, and the most important thing - my Buddy Bison stuffed animal on a carabiner clipped to the organizer in such a way as to watch the world go buy as I'm driving.   Ok - so maybe this is a little overboard but I do spend a lot of time in my car.

Otherwise, when I'm hiking I carry a "Possibles Bag" - with the standard flashlight, spare battery, knife, first aid kit, a small bit of duct tape (in the first aid kit), etc. that a prepared Boy Scout would have.

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Ha! This is funny. So, I have all my special stuff in pouches all around my belt (the boys call it my Jedi Belt). I've got one for my multitool, my compass, my binoculars, my cellphone (water-tight), and for outdoor activities, a first-aid kit and flashlight. All are small and not bulky at all, but the system keeps everything easy to reach and to have in-hand at a moment's notice. I've found it works nicely!

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ha ha.....yeah, I have in the past thought that one of those travel vests might be useful.... I'm not a person to care too much about fashion or impressing people, preferring the practical over fashion ...in fact sometimes when I look back on old photos throughout my life I regret that sometimes.... although as a shy person I generally lean towards conformity,  I really did look like a doofus sometimes... but I never went so far as something like that...

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