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I use them, and they are ABSOLUTELY beneficial in every way! They let the boys see their progress, set personal goals, and conceptualize their progress as a den and as individuals! 


I have a picture here of a chart I made for my parents who are Wolf Den Leaders. As you can see, it's simplified, only measuring their path to the rank of Wolf - this makes it easier for the boys to understand the chart. Obviously, our personal records are much more detailed, but the chart is not only bright and colorful, but we mark their accomplishments using sticky notes, meaning we can just remove a child from the chart and replace his information with that of incoming Scouts as the year goes by. Quick, easy, engaging and effective - and it only takes about an hour and a box of markers to create!


If I have time and remember later this week I will show my new Webelos/Arrow of Light chart too.


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I used BSA pre-made ones in three dens.  Sometimes they worked.  Sometimes not.  It really depended on the dynamics of the den and our ability to stay organized.  But generally, yes.  I like them better than almost any other method.  I also liked to have the cub check things off when we were able to do that.  I like it when we used the books more and signed in the back and then kept the chart synchronized.  

I liked it mostly because it let the cubs see their own progress and where they were.  

I'm not sure now with it relative to ScoutBook, etc.  

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That's why I make my own; the ones sold at the Scout Shop are nice, but still not very attention-grabing. For use in Den or Pack Meetings, I like something big and colorful that is easy to track progress on; all the details I keep in my own personal chart in my notebook, but for the basics - the steps towards rank - I just use a big bright poster that even the youngest Scouts can read.

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