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Background : Our Troop's SPL isn't attending Scout Camp this summer. The Troop normally elects a new SPL for 6-8 months while at Camp. I've suggested the Troop hold an SPL election this year 2 weeks prior to Camp to elect a new SPL so that he can select his 2 ASPLs and call a PLC meeting prior to Camp to prepare (hopefully this newly elected SPL is attending Camp with the Troop).


The SM's intentions are to allow the current SPL to appoint a Camp SPL (for the week of Camp). I believe the Scouts in the Troop that are going to Camp, should be offered a voice in who is their SPL while at Camp this Summer. Btw- The current SPL has made the statement to several adults that he plans to take the Summer off from Scouting (he's burned out and show's it in his attitudes).


What should the Troop do ??




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What an opportunity!!!!


We have had the same situation in our troop over the years and the best way we have found to resolve it is the next highest ranking scout moves up into the position for camp. ie: ASPL if at camp moves up to temporary SPL, then he can either choose his ASPL or as we do the highest ranking PL moves up to ASPL and his APL moves into the PL slot and so on.


Works well for us and keeps the scouts on their toes. We follow the same criteria for overnights. If both the SPL and ASPL cannot make the overnight the the ranking PL steps up and the second ranking PL becomes ASPL and so on.


Reinforces the 'chain of command' ( I know that is not the right words, but I cannot think of them right now). Each scout in a position of responsibility understands and has a chance to learn postitions of responsibility above them in the chain.



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I respect the chain of command and the right to free elections but I have this question(s) buzzing in the back of my head. I can't help but wonder about the present SPL being "burned out". I suggest a visit with the Scout and his parents and find out more about what is happening. If Scouting is overwhelming him, then it may be that he has not learned to delegate. It may be that other activities are squeezing out Scouting for him. Or, he may be missing something in Scouting that could be fulfilling and is missing other opportunities. At his age, being burned out does not come easily, so my concern has some worth.


The next question has to do with the senior leadership. Are there any other Scouts with experience that could "fill in". I am not sure that bringing someone on board for the summer is a good idea. I would opt for a senior leader with experience.


One other question has to do with the actual duties for Summer Camp. Most of our Scouts have a schedule and the SPL has minimal duties. I would not want the "burned out" SPL to feel that he is being undercut in any way or that he is not needed. Kids are vulnerable and should be given an extra chance or two to recover when necessary.


My two cents worth,



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I feel that you should hold a special election to elect a temp. SPL for summer camp. After camp is over and if your current SPL does decide to take the summer off, just let the temp. SPL take over until your real SPL comes back or until your next election. But thats just me.

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I have a couple of ideas most work well in the boy led method


1. Ask the PLC to hold a special election for summer SPL.

2. Ask the SPL to appoint his summer replacement.


This last one works against boy led somewhat but the results can be worth it.


3. "Select and direct" preferably a scout that is in need of a POR for advancement or that shy scout that seems to hover around the fringe but never really steps into the fray of leadership.


Just my .02



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