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Scouts UK unveils new branding

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To be honest I'm ambivalent, but then Im no artist! 

The previous logo was difficult to manipulate online although equally I'm not sure why something techie couldn't have been done to cure that.

I do like that it's simple so a Beaver could draw it. I also recognise that things like branding have to move forward otherwise you look dated. On the other side of the coin it looks closer to the 1908 logo than the last one! Writing this on a phone so can't figure out how to embed that so go look it up if you're curious.

Its all part of a wider new 5 year strategy that we've all got say in our inboxes this morning 


ive only skim read it so far but the two things that stand out good and bad are;

Good - blink and you'd miss it but changes to the leader training program to bring in more practical scout skills. RESULT! The current leader training program is terrible and needs more practical skills.

Bad - Scouting in schools. Not a fan. Part of what makes scouts special is the relationship between the adults and kids. We are not parents, police, teachers or social workers. We are something different. We are the nearest most kids will ever have to an adult sibling. Moving into schools will, I fear, risk that special relationship if leaders get put in the same bracket as teachers in kids minds.

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Token Brit reporting for duty...

Executive Summary: I like it. 

Important Note: We'll still have the world membership badge, that's not changing.

The swoosh logo felt really old fashioned to me, and looked so bad on social media type stuff that HQ put out (i.e. nearly everything, they think social media is the answer, I don't know what the question is) that they hadn't used it for years, instead using a scout arrowhead on its own, which I liked more than this, but I guess at small sizes the star points disappear a bit. 

This new one, looking at the brand guidelines, I like how it fits in with stuff. It's simple and clean.

One of the really important things, the font they use is free, not like the last one that was supposed to cost $100s if you got it legitimately (and we're scouts so...) and I ended up using something that looked very similar that was free. A scout is thrifty indeed.

Oh, and one of the palette of official scout colours is, um, those still struggling with recent membership changes may struggle with this one, you may want to look away now....we have a scout pink. As well as scout blue, navy, green, etc etc.


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From over here...I like it...better than the old one. Simple but shows the Fleur-de-Lis. Font is a good choice for multiple uses (I am no expert but I did take 3 classes in Fonts-ugg) The purple matches World Scouting, so OK. Is it a brilliant marketing move, no.

Agree with Cambridge...Scouting should be the un-school way to learn.

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My group has done most of its rebranding (website, facebook, twitter) but haven't done our youtube channel yet.

I like how it looks on the website, I think it makes it look cleaner and more straight forward. I'm not quite convinced though on facebook or twitter as the new "12th" logo on the profile photo doesn't quite say who we are. Youtube still has the old branding and by comparing the two I think you can see that for profile photos on social media the old one is definitely better. Unless we can do some more tinkering.!

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'Skip and Ian, send up the chain that detailed plans should be in plain text/jpgs, not .pdf's. Half of the pages aren't formatting properly or quickly on my tablet.

Let them know that there are yanks out there who will nick any good idea, and maybe share experiences about not-so-good ideas.

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