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28 minutes ago, gblotter said:

Possible, but unlikely. Under that scenario, our troop would need to find a new Scoutmaster. I will be ready to exit BSA on 12/31/19. I'm quite disillusioned over BSA's girl decision. This new Family Scouting is not for me.

Then help them find a new Scoutmaster before you step down.  I'm stepping down as Committee Chair, but I'm helping through the search.

As I see it, you've got a Troop with boys who want to be Scouts.  In my book that's the most important requirement for a troop.  The rest is all mechanics.  Volunteers can be recruited, a CO can be lined up, camping equipment can be found.

We had a troop in our district lose their CO a few years ago.  They went down the street and regrouped.  Did they lose some boys who were members of the original CO - you bet. But it all worked out.

In my book these National decisions are important, but still not nearly as important as the simple wish of boys to be Scouts.  

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