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Whoever said coolness is a passing fad was right on the money. In my line of work, big knives became very popular in the mid-80s, especially when the Rambo movies were big. The funny thing was, the troops who paid out of their own pockets for these mini-machetes never wanted to take them out of the sheath for fear of nicking or breaking them. Comical. I used to enjoy showing them how stupid it was to shell out nearly a week's pay for a knife by taking my issue USAF survival knife, sticking it in a round hole in the front bumper on an M-35 truck, and bending th

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when i was a scout in the 80's the RAMBO knife was very popular but not very functional. my scout master being the wise old sole he was. banned them. we couldnt figure out why. then our troop went on a council camporee and a wanna be RAMBO with his trusty sheath knife jumped out of a tree and the knife should we say found a new home through the scouts leg. after that little incident with sheath knives we all easily and readily gave them to him for safe keeping. to this say he still has them all in his closet. and they will stay there for years to come. he has since passed on but his wife offered them to all of us and we told her thanks but no thanks because he did us a great favor and would never take them back.so my stand on this issue is a small folding knife and a totin chip you cant use one without the other.( a little humor to this situation though is if you have a cornor cut off your totin chip you actually gain one we figured that out as scouts)

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Bob, to answer your question:

I was looking for proof that sheath knives are in fact more dangerous than folding knives.

EDIT: I thought you were of the mindset that sheath knives were more dangerous and should be banned. I needed to go back and read a little more carefully to find out that I wasn't absolutely correct.


The counterpoint I was trying to make is that I don't feel sheath knives are any more dangerous. To me it isn't so much a case of coolness trumping safety, but of coolness trumping utility. I don't think it is really my right to make that kind of decision for somebody, so I really don't like the idea of a sheath knife ban.


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There is a need for safety in the use of knives.


The attention paid to pool safety and safety afloat equals no deaths for BSA the past few years.


The scout who knows CPR can be the one who allow me a longer time here is this life.


Accidents do act fast. A scout was sliding down a banister, guide rail, and fell and struck the back of his head on rocks. He ended up with a big gash on the back of his head. There was a lot of blood on the steps.

Safety in use of knives, tools etc needs to be stressed at all times.


The rambo in me says I can not get hurt with a knife but I know folks who lost limbs etc due to accidents. Sometimes we all are called to take away the totem chip, knives, etc when not used correctly.



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