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1 hour ago, SB_Eagle said:

Reminds me of all the Chuck Norris jokes...

Chuck Norris has a bear rug in his tent.  The bear is actually alive, but it's just too scared to move..

Vin Diesel is so tough that when this style of jokes first originated with him, people found them too believable so they change them to Chuck Norris jokes to make them funny.




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He has never once accidentally said "Webelo."

His hiking boots get blisters from prolonged contract with his feet.

He can tie a one-handed bowline with no hands.

Cooking req. 1D is a list of his favorite snacks. (Doesn't work anymore)

He earned the Master-at-Arms merit badge. Twice.

Stay prepared, my friends.

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On 4/10/2018 at 11:18 AM, SSScout said:


    Someone once asked him what that “Square Knot” on his uniform was,

and he told them.


I've seen these jokes about knot awards a few times but I don't understand the context. Is it poking fun at people that have a million knots on their uniform that may not necessarily deserve them?

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