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Why is so hard to find Venturing information?

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Son#2 will age out soon as is considering joining a Venturing Crew. I found one (a bit of a drive away) that seems to share the same interests (backpacking, hiking, canoeing) and he knows a guy or two from the OA lodge. So far so good.


But he really does not know much about Venturing and the BSA website does not seem to have a good over view that I can share with him. Anyone know of a good FAQ? 


Son#1 did the ASM thing for awhile but the training requirements were a bit much and it is an awkward transition at best. Son#2 really just wants to squeeze in a little more fun before going away. 

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Welcome @ngoclinh23

It's not a FAQ, but I understood Venturing better after skimming the Venturing Handbook.  

I'm guessing that part of the reason why there isn't more info is because it's a much less structures program. Each Crew does their own thing, their own way.  In theory, the variation between Crews is much greater than between troops.

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