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Outdoor Code for Non-Americans

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I would tell the Scouts they have the option of saying what they want there, within reason obviously.  This also raises the question of why "As an American" is in there at all.  The Scout Oath and Law

I have 8 boys in my den. Only 2 are presently legal American citizens; the others are immigrant citizens of Mexico, China, and Taiwan. But I tell them that since they will grow up in this country, and

You don't.

1 hour ago, NJCubScouter said:

That’s right, those other planets don’t send their best. 😇

Those extra-planetary visitors really aren't so bad. It's the ones from alternate universes that give me the most trouble, as they tend to become scout executives.

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22 hours ago, The Latin Scot said:

The one in front looks just like one of my Webelos Scouts actually. I think it's the begging expression on his face.

Please sir, I want some...s'more.

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