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The "Email tax" is in the category of urban legands that have been around for years. Do a search and you'll find it in many websites.


However, the possibility of an e-mail tax is closer to reality today than it ever has. With the moretoreum on Internet taxing now expired, states could invoke forms of taxation. Although most "experts" feel that it is unlikely. The UN once proposed a tax that would help develop 3rd world countries. That has since gone by the wayside.


So, to the best of my knowledge, there is no e-mail tax currently on the books. But, as always, we need to keep our eyes out for what our legislatures are considering.


Numerous articles, here's one:


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If you don't file your return, the government e-mail regulation authority will send a lien notice to the location of your computer. Your boss might find out why your work habits have been slipping lately. This is for real. It's an obscure part of the latest tax code revision that mandates marriage license renewal.

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