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Patrol Cooking returning to Michigan Crossroads Council camps?

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The federal lawsuit filed Tuesday, March 6 in Grand Rapids against Michigan Crossroads Council claims the Lansing-based scouting organization owes a food service provider approximately $90,000.

CORD Inc. says it entered into a contract with Michigan Crossroads Council and the Boy Scouts of America to provide food services to summer camps, including the Gerber Scout Reservation in Muskegon County and Rota-Kiewan Scout Reservation in Kalamazoo County.

Under the contract, CORD furnished, stored and prepared food from scratch, according to the lawsuit. The company fronted operating costs, including paper and cleaning supplies.

In turn, Michigan Crossroads Council agreed to pay CORD for its food services, the lawsuit says.

The company says Michigan Crossroads Council owes approximately $90,000 for food services and an additional $45,000 for costs CORD incurred, as well anticipated loss of sales and/or profits "as a result of MCC's breach of agreement.''

The Michigan Crossroads Council was formed in 2012 by the merger of nine councils, including one named for President Gerald R. Ford. MCC membership is about 67,000 youth. MCC oversees Boy Scout properties and programs in the Lower Peninsula.


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Not sure how this is a federal lawsuit?

That said, 90K for a state-wide contract sounds like chump change. Not sure why the council wouldn't pay up, unless the quality of the service was so bad they had to use a different provider to meet the needs of its campers. This might come down to a determination of who breached first.

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Yes there are some odd things about this. Filed US District Court, Western District of Michigan.

CORD is middleman buyer for the "faith based community"  and not a direct food services supplier like SYSCO which camps and schools around here use. I wonder if this is a new business agreement post councils merger.

That said, since CORD is a business partner with SYSCO and other food service providers, they should have considerable leverage, if the complaint true, without going to court.  :unsure:


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