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Philmont / Summit Leadership Challenge

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Anyone going to PLC or SLC this year?  I see there are two sessions at Philmont (July and Sept), one at Summit (July) this season.

Has anyone attended recently?  What was your impression?

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10 hours ago, WRW_57 said:

Is that the course which is suppose to be the follow-on to Wood Badge, but done in the backcountry?

Yep, that is the one.  Done mostly at Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp with a hike and overnight at Zastrow.  Uses geocaching, low COPE (challenge events), wilderness first aid and SAR activities as context to practice WB leadership skills.

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6 hours ago, AAONMS said:

I attended the September 2017 PLC.

I was thoroughly impressed by the level of preparation of the staff as well as their Scouting and real-world expierence.

A buddy of mine also attended in Sept 2017.  I attended in Sept 2015 - one of the best things Ive done in Scouting.  

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