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I always thought i.Scout was a UK thing, but in browsing the World Scout Shop, they carry i.Scout goods there, too. So it's a WOSM thing, I guess? 

What is it? My Google-fu failed me on this one. Best I can tell it's just a brand of Scouting gear and clothing, but is there more to it than that? Anyone know anything more about it? 

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I thought it was a UK thing too. But hey, world scouting is just an extension of Empire so we're all good selling i.scout to the great unwashed of WOSM ;)

Actually, I do know that the world scout shop is run on behalf of WOSM in the UK. Maybe there's a crossover.

That iscout game, I suspect once the world scout shop get wind of it they'll get a cease and desist warning for infringing trademarks or copyright or something.

I thought it was just branding, a set of casual clothing that makes clear that the wearer is a scout. A play on iPad iPod iEtc.

Almost as soon as it was created, and PR people seem to nearly always have the UK high-ups in their iScout hoody and scarf tied in a friendship knot, supposition started that "proper" uniform was on its way out and we were basically a youth club and it was all going to hell in a handcart with all the casually dressed iscout degenerates.


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