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Troop launches 11 Eagle scouts in one year

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Just now, gblotter said:

Under your system, are you requiring that the boy actively participate throughout the entire period between Life and Eagle, or just a 6-month interval sometime between Life and Eagle?

Our troop uses the latter definition for Eagle requirement #1.

There are two issues really. First is the one you mention for fulfilling the 6 months of "active participation". For that it an be ANY six month period while a Life Scout. That seems only fair. Our PLC did not like the idea of someone cobbling six months of activity over a 36 month period (e.g. Month1, then Month 8, then Month 10, etc.). It had to be six semi-continuous months, although we are usually very lenient. It is usually VERY obvious when someone is not active. If anyone is not seen for a month the PL and SPL start calling to see what's going on. Encourage better participation. Of course we *do* use the "alternate explanation" clause allowed in the GTA. We've only had to use that once.

The second issue is keeping up participation to be considered active in the unit. We like to check in with guys to make sure they are okay, find out why they are not coming. Again, we rarely need to now since this is not really a problem. Guys may miss a month or two, but they notify their PL or SPL and they keep track. When that other activity is over we see them regularly again.

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4 minutes ago, Tampa Turtle said:

@Col. Flagg I agree (again...this is getting disturbing). We have had a few boys in High School football and marching band. In season the demands on their time was huge so if they showed up late for camp-outs (and had to drive 2-1/2 hours to get there) even though they were exhausted but attended as many as they could and stayed in contact with the SM and their Patrol. When the season was over they jumped into it.

Glad they are engaged. When we first put this policy in to effect it took a while for the older guys to engage. In talking to them the overarching reason seemed to be former troop culture. Guys went gangbusters for Life by 14 then dropped off the map. When the new SM worked with the PLC to develop an older Scout program (fashioned on the old Leadership Corps) they older guys came back in droves.

For example, the troop would go camping. The older Scouts were asked to run an event during that weekend of their choosing. After they had done that, they were free to essentially explore on their own. So they ran a first aid course at various points along a hiking trail in the state park. When they were done they packed up their packs and headed out as a patrol for the day.

That became the template for all future camp outs. Really helped keep the older guys engaged.

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27 minutes ago, Tampa Turtle said:

I meant some of the older guys who were bust and stayed engaged we would work hard to work with them vs. the casual drop outs and ins...those were welcome but I am not staying up all night waiting on a death bed Eagle signoff requirement for them.

That said I am a softie...

I have had heartburn with a few over the years.  Typically I will advise SM, advancement and CC, do what they feel is right, I will be taking a break on whomever it may be.  Will support the process but I am not going to be involved in the race to the finish, the EBOR, etc.

That being said we have had some that were very active as older scouts and for whatever reason (teens being teens I guess) that end up at the last days needing this or that signed off.  With those we will do what we can to support.

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