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Eagle Scout and "Scouts for Equality" founder runs for Senate

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I predict this thread will not go well.....

You're saying that I should look at my own beliefs...not "politics"...but rather my beliefs. Your beliefs are right and mine are wrong...? That seems to be what you're saying. I know the dif

Congratulations to Zach on his Iowa state senate win. Regardless of what anyone thinks of his politics, it's great to see an Eagle Scout rising in public service.

I think the mid-20's is a fine age for starting a career in politics, and obviously the voters supported him, so I hope he serves the people of Iowa well and I hope that he lives the BSA oath and law throughout his service to the people of his state.  

BSA teaches about citizenship and we should be proud.  Generically proud, we don't have to be specifically proud of political stances, etc. but proud that a Boy Scout is serving people, yes!


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