I am always skeptical of news sources, some more than others.  A recent Buzzfeed article details an Surbaugh Jan 9, email to scout executives which Buzzfeed claims to have seen  and spills the contents. How truthful that article is, I do not know, but keep a look-out for this alleged Jan 9 email. @Eagle94-A1 The article does mention Scouter.com. , maybe someday we will be mentioned by the BBC or NYT. Surbaugh said the proposed survey question was a "mistake" and apologized for causing "distress" to members by the mere suggestion of coed scouting — words he said were "toxic" to many scouters. He said that he had stopped the survey from going out to members because "there are those (not just on Scouter.com) that really dislike our leadership and will say, 'See, we told you so. They LIED to us, they just want co-ed scouting, and this is a sleazy, back door way to show that’s what some people want so they can push their agenda forward.'" He added that the proposed idea would also make BSA staff "feel foolish" for defending the organization from accusations of coed scouting.