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If you were a committee member,

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3 hours ago, MattR said:

@WisconsinMomma, the fact that nobody can answer your question satisfactorily - where you can say "aha! That'll work!" - and are just giving you little things to bite off some edges, is likely proof that this whole concept of boy led is going to die. I mean, if nobody can come up with a simple explanation of why boy led should be supported then it just doesn't exist.  Wouldn't it be nice to just say "here, read this book" and it would be a compelling description. It could be a story or an explanation or whatever might connect. But such a book doesn't exist. Nor does some training material nor a blurb someplace on the BSA's website.

Actually there use to be books on the topic. William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt wrote the 3rd ed. Scoutmaster Handbook, vols 1 & 2. I have his abridged 5th edition which I've been rereading. Wish I would not have lent out my 3rd edition as I never got it back. I'ld also recommend his Patrol Leader's handbook too. There are other books out there too. I'm told Roland Phillips wrote an excellent manual on the patrol methods in the 1910s or 20s that GBB based his work on. And of course BP's writings.

But you are correct in that there is no one, simple answer. And that is because we are dealing with people. Everyone is different. Each one has their own views and biases. And that is part of the problem. Until everyone is on the same page, and that can take years, you will have problems.




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