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District meetings - what's the point?

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No body at ours, old guard*, wood badgers, or new-no-nothings are going to come up an introduce themselves. People are shy or exclusive. Round tables are what you make of them.  Wear a name tag,

Back home again.... Rrrround Table...   Invented by the BS of A folks so local Scouters would have a place to meet and get to know each other and learn from each other (at least, that is my inter

As the District Commissioner for a large geographical, but sparsely populated district with only eight registered units, running a roundtable using the BSA guidelines is not feasible.  There are not e

On ‎6‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 4:49 PM, shortridge said:

I absolutely love this idea! Thank you!

Whoops, resurrected again.

Resurrected, indeed.   Our three local Districts last month held our joint "Program Launch", again.  This time, at least 75 vendors, first aid demos,  Coast Guard Auxiliary demos,  our "program" program listed over 100 possibilities for the Scout Unit (not everybody could attend, but we collected their info).  Campgrounds, museums, High Adventure places, Jamborees,  fun stuff,  official Scout stuff,  and a chance to pick up your units new program year info packet and press the flesh of fellow Scouters.  It was in a smaller indoor venue than we had last year, but it had a large outdoor court to spill into.  

The hard part is finding a venue half way central to our county, and FREE, because we ain't got no budget.  It was fairly easy to work the three District honchos together after everyone realized the benefits of not having three separate P/L's . 

Once again,  proof of our maxim that "The Work Is Done By Who ever Shows Up."


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