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5 hours ago, .40AET said:

It would be great if you would start something like that here. I’d love to read the tips support and advice that other leaders are willing to share. 


I see value in both.  I've asked many questions here and gotten great answers. 

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Let me say that Scouter.com is an awesome resource for information for Scouters.  I read it daily and recommend it to my leadership.

I have started the Facebook group to reach a different audience that prefers to operate in the social media world.

Please join me to assist those who don't actively seeking information outside of Facebook.

SM Danny

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My Tombstone will read "Died without a FB account and was happy". This forum and a couple of others are as close to the public as I plan to get. I enjoy helping others, and would appreciate any help that you and the others can provide to me. 


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I wouldn't dump on FB. One thing it has that scouter.com will never have is a way to connect to new people. Start reading posts of some group on FB and suddenly your friends will see it as well. That could get more people involved.

I was thinking it might be a better way to get parents of cub scout aged kids to see what it's about. Just get all the parents in a pack to like a FB group for the pack and then the friends of those parents would start seeing posts of cubs having fun. It could be worth a lot more than handing out fliers at the start of the school year.

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