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Has anyone ever seen this movie? I remember it vaguely from when I was younger. It stars: Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, Richard Belzer, Franklin Ajaye, Tim Thomerson. It's an 80's PG comedy about:


"It was their 25th Cub Scout reunion, five grown men, who peaked at age ten, get together to relive their "glory days." And if they were inept campers as kids, they're even worse as adults."


I'm going to track this one down and watch it, I remember it being funny when I was a Cub Scout!

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Here is a review I got from a website

Summary: Avoid this like the plague.

Bad, bad, bad. How do movies like this get made? Badly written, poorly acted; I could go on, but why bother? As an aside, note that the characters' first names are the same as the actors playing them : this is a dead giveaway that no one on the set is even interested enough in their role to bother learning someone else's characters names!



It doesnt sound like something I like to watch.


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I just looked up the movie on Amazon, never heard of it. But the reviews there are high, see below. It might be worth watching....



All Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review: 5 Stars

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Just Think Of It As A Guilty Pleasure, September 12, 2002

Reviewer: George H. Wells Jr. (see more about me) from San Antonio, TX. I only saw one bad online review of this picture. All I have to say about this is,LIGHTEN UP!!!! From a bona fide film buff sometimes you just accept some movies as guilty pleasures, I mean after all it's all about escapism & entertainment!!!!


The Right Guys!, July 8, 2002

Reviewer: David B. Jones (see more about me) from Arlington, Texas United States

Hi, movie fans! If you like movies, watch this hilarious comedy! It stars Louie Anderson (of TV's Family Feud), and is about 5 guys who were cub scouts as kids that meet again for the 1st time since then, and go on a camping trip, chased by two men who were cub scouts along with 'em who steal their engine and 1 thinks it is just SMALL!, 3 killers (the leader played by John Goodman) who think they are the FBI, and a SQUIRREL, with lots of laughs along the way. The 5 stars names in the movie are all the same as their names in real life, and these guys were not the wrong guys, but the RIGHT guys to make this film a GREAT comedy! Filmed in 1987 and released in early 1988, this movie was very underrated. It was poor at the box office, but is very rich with me! Get it! It'll be rich with you 2!


The Wrong Guys are the Right Guys!, March 25, 2002

Reviewer: hgmcdonnell from NJ

When I first sat in front of the Tv to watch this, it was on a cable station and I just happend upon it by mistake. However, it turned out it was far from a mistake!! If your looking for a good laugh and a good, clean fun movie, than this is what your looking for. It's slapstick at it's best when these 5 friends reunite after years of seperation and pick up where they left off as kids. AS they set off on their final camping trip to redeem their last chance for a cub scout badge they missed out on as kids, they run in to a wild ride as they encounter an escaped convict on their travels and they are mistaken for FBI agents on his pursuit and hijinks ensue. The combination of comedic star power is wonderful....they compliment each other and feed off of one another to creat a hilarious movie. Not everyone would agree with me but this has to be one of my top 10 all time favorites for comedy.


FUN ENTERTAINMENT, February 12, 2002

Reviewer: Ronald Daum from Seattle, WA

The Wrong Guys is just a fun movie. If you like slapstick, wrye humor and an improbable plot, this movie is for you. The cast of comics do their signature things and bring it all of seamlessly. It is a humorous look at the journey from boyhood to adult and back again. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition



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Yes, I have "Bushwhacked".


It was OK, I suppose. Definitely better than "Father and Scout", a made-for-TV movie with Bob Saget (which I also have).


Slightly better than "F&S" was "Scout's Honor", another made-for-TV effort with Gary Coleman and Katherine Helmond. I haven't seen it on DVD -- I bought a used VHS tape on ebay.


It's about a Cub Scout Pack and it does a great job with the uniforms, leading to me to believe they had the cooperation of the BSA when they made it.

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