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New Necker Colors

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It looks like Wolf Cubs will soon be wearing a red necker (match the background of the Wolf Badge).  Lion Cubs will be yellow, Tigers Bears and Webelos the same.  Leak from a handbook photo-shoot (which included girls).




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Gentle Scouters:  Beside the BSA regulations and standards of advancement and rank,  You seem to forget that "All Scouting Is Local" I have known of Cub Packs who decided to end the madness. The

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They look nice.  This is small stuff. 

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Just now, oldbuzzard said:

My cynical side sees this as an arbitrary change to sell more merch since scouts will no longer be able to use older sibs necker, hat etc...

that's how I see it as well.  The iconic blue and gold cub scout neckerchief with the wolf on the back shouldn't be relegated to the trash heap.  

Ironically... the idea was that everyone in the Pack was a wolf since Bobcats and bears are not pack animals.... the badges you earned were to designated that you were TRAINED by the Bobcat, the Wolf and the Bear before becoming a Webelos.  Not that you WERE the animal.  

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10 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

Officially, the neckerchief is not required for the Boy Scout uniform but is for the Cub Scout uniform?  :confused:

I see another change coming ... from the bottom up.

My $0.02



As a former cub leader, it made things "easier" when you had 60 kids in a pack, you could separate the dens very easy since they were color coded.  You holler "all bears over here" and parents not knowing look at you like you have three heads, you then reply "all blues!"


The Hat works in the same way

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When I was a Cub Scout, all Cubs in Pack wore yellow neckers.  Den Mothers had no problem gathering their dens and counting heads. Cubs were taught to gather in their dens.

That said we were older. Third graders were the youngest Cubs.

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I'm going to quote the Second Doctor, aka "The Hobo,"  "HHHMMM, I see you changed things. I don't like it."

The yellow and blue neckerchief with a wolf's head is the oldest of all Cub Scout neckers as it is the original one. I don't like breaking traditions. Bad enough they are the wrong size.


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By the time the Doctor regenerated into his 11th form he accepted that "times change, and so must I."

As I currently have no skin in the game, I couldn't care less. My son's Cub uniform differed slightly from my own. Enough that I noticed, but not enough to make me forget that his Scouting experience (uniform included) doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be identical to mine.

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