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When did you take "Eagle Scout" off your Resume?

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I haven't done many applications yet (since I'm only 17), but I don't plan on ever taking Eagle Scout off of them. In fact, I'm planning on getting it on my tombstone. It will say someting along the lines of this:

'Here lies sexy eagle, he was one sexy man.'


I'm still working on it a little. Still have a some time before that day comes.

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I put it on my resume along with a couple of other items from Scouting past. This allows me to speak about my experiences as a leader from my youth and as an adult who uses the skills learned in Woodbadge. There is value in the knowing and the use of those skills in my profession. It gives balance and insight into untangling difficult problems. It also allows the employer knowledge into how I conduct my life and business.

Fuzzy Bear


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