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What to do about MB Card integrity / signings?

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Zuse describes the BSA program (LDS or not) as I always understood it should work.  Thanks for upholding standards!

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Hi Summerfun.  I realize your post is slightly older, but wanted to add my two cents on the matter of the cultural and religious 'defined path'.  As a non-practicing Mormon, I totally get this.  Keep your chin up.  Even though it's tough to face the disapproval you might get from some members, the example you'll set for your son and others by being strong and doing the right thing will outweigh bucking the cultural tide - particularly over time.  If there are non-LDS troops nearby, I'd take your son for a visit and let him see what he thinks. Given the differences in the program, he may like it better.

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Sadly, there are some Scouting leaders who just don’t get it. They shirk training opportunities and just wing it. They take shortcuts and follow the path of least resistance.

Why do they behave this way?

Maybe they were assigned a job they never really wanted in the first place. Maybe they are inexperienced and operating in ignorance. Maybe they are following the bad example of others and assume this is how it works. Or maybe they are overburdened, lazy, or just don’t care.

After these bad leaders are installed and bad patterns are established, making changes can be slow and difficult. Sometimes you just need to wait out the clock until they are released and move along.

It can be especially maddening to watch from the sidelines if you really care about Scouting. @SummerFun - I feel your frustration, and I have been there.

When I took over as Scoutmaster, it was to rescue a troop in rapid decline under just such a Scout leader. His last official act was to sign off his own son on three rank advancements that were never actually earned. Then he continued to sign off his son on merit badges until I put a stop to that.

The best advice I can give is to make changes from the inside as a helpful supporter and involved parent rather than an outside critic. Volunteer for assignments when you see a need. By making yourself a vital component of the program, you also position yourself to effect change. Gentle persuasion and humor usually work better than a full frontal assault. Don’t adopt the image of a rigid Scouting fanatic because then you’ll just be pushed aside and ignored.

Ultimately, none of your efforts may succeed. In a worst-case scenario, perhaps explore joining another troop (but I understand all the complexities of going that route). We live in an imperfect world - have courage.

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