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Clipped icon corners and other changes ...

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Way to look like every other blog, scouter!

Okay, so there are some things I like about this look and feel and some things I don't. (Writing from a tablet's Chrome browser):

  • the editing tools are nice, but turning off italics was a bit tricky.
  • I can't zoom out to see more text. I like to be able have a couple dozen, or more, posts front-and-center without having to scroll down.
  • Not sure about how to attach images. (Never really was.)
  • How come everyone's icon is rounded except @Back Pack's? (Ooh, the auto-insert username is nice!)
  • Can we choose the shape of our icon? Ovals, pentagons, squares and diamonds should be some options.
  • Bring back the "view new content" short-cut. That's the site's coolest feature.
  • Not looking forward to how ads will appear. My experience with other sites who've adopted this look and feel has not been favorable.


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In the previous software, when writing/editing a post there was a way to toggle back and forth between, and I really don't know what to call them, so I will call them "source code mode" and "preview mode."  For example, in source code mode you would see things like [.quote] and [.i] (the periods are not there in real life, I just wanted to make sure the software did not see those as actual commands.)  Obviously those would not be visible in preview mode, you would only see the effects of the command.  Now everything seems to be in preview mode and there doesn't seem to be a way to change it.  I see there is an icon on the right side of the "toolbar" that does act as a toggle, but it switches between one view of preview mode and another.  Am I missing something?

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Try again.  I got an "Error" message about a minute ago.

Any new "tool" takes some getting used to.   Comments/nits to pick:

1)  It is very pretty.

2)  Things are too "light".  I subscribe to a magazine (remember them?)  that denotes it's pictures/insets in a smaller, lighter color type.  Why?   Same here.  I do not like the light blue choices to click on. Hard to see/demark.   The magazine uses light brown against a tan page (!!!).  Why?   Black, dark blue, even  dark brown is fine.  Light blue against white?  Nahhhh.

3) Size/shape of icon/profile picture is not of much concern to me.   Round is very democratic/equanimical.  

4)  Editing the essay is easy.  Toggle away.

5) It is nice to know Scouter Terry (yes?)  is so dedicated to our purpose.  I know many Scouty folks here locally view if not participate on Scouter dot com because of my recommendation. 

See you on the trail.

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