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Scouting firsts lost in history?

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I thought of:


First statement that "It only takes an hour a week."

First loss of one boot or one shoe on campout.


But the first is an adult "thing" and the second, although a standard at every council camp we attended, was not as universal as the marshmallow torch. 

1 hour ago, numbersnerd said:

First lost neckerchief slide

Good one.  Consider this a "Like:" - although that seems to have gone away with the new software.

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On 11/27/2017 at 8:44 PM, Stosh said:


I may be the last scout to stop a runaway horse.  :)    I was at a CW reenactment at Chickamagua in Georgia and one of the troopers was thrown when he got  too close to the artillery.  The horse bolted and took off across the field.  Another trooper tried to catch the runaway but the riderless horse could outrun the mounted horse.  I was standing in artillery reserves and I had read the part about runaway horses in the early Scout Handbook, and dang, it really worked!  :)

I may be the only Scouter who likely got himself judged too impatient for the Peace Corp due to losing his cool on a runaway horse while in a training course in New Mexico.  I was supposed to work with sometimes difficult people in the highlands of Peru, descendants of the Quechua, but I panicked when the horse got away from my control and went down a slope following horses with more experienced riders. I often wonder if I had not gotten selected out for that if I would have worked with Peruvian Scouts, or anything like that.  It also put me on the top of the list for getting drafted, since I turned 21 that year of 1965 and was not in college due to the course I left.  Never know, but life always has its challenges and possibly lost opportunities. 

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