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Does your Troop have dues?

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Our Troop dues is $60 (plus $12 if you want boys life)

If you crossed over from Cub Scouts, the first year only cost $30 (since your National registration is already covered)

Includes (given on your first year) Class B, Custom Neckerchief, scout slide, Custom Hat, Unit number patch (still rocking 85 year patches)


Most "normal" camp outs are $20

Out of state or high cost are case by case.  Last year they went to Boston for the weekend and did the freedom trail, camped as Hanscom Airforce Base and visited some museums for $60


Summer camp is paid by the scout.


We do some fundraising, and 50% of all profits go the scouts individual scout account.  Troop gives camper-ships on a case by case basis

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With the raising of the National fee, we increased our dues to $125 for the year. In my troop this covers site fees (cabins, tent sites), advancement materials (merit badges, rank), local and national fee, and Boys Life Magazine.

For camping trips we charge $10 per person, this comes back to the boys for food. As mentioned, if there is a site fee we cover it. The only additional camping fee is if we are going to a district event, or historical trip, and there are fees associated, these we pass on to the boys.

We also do popcorn as our main fundraiser and require the boys to sell either $100 worth of popcorn, or return a check to the troop for half of what they don't sell. We supplement the sale sheets however with show-and-sells, which pretty much if a boy shows up to a couple they almost always clear enough to cover these goals.

The popcorn money is spent for gear, food for yearly court of honors and trainings, and to reduce the cost of more expensive trips.

Weekly video series on all things scouting.

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