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Looking for a place that contains complete trail information all in one area? Visit Pennsylvania Super Trails ( http://www.pa-conservation.org/pst-intro.html) for downloadable maps and regional information in *.pdf format. Free of charge, no subscriptions required.


Hiking-Backpacking, Equestrian, Mountain Biking, XX-Ski, Snowmobile, All-Terrain .. complete with wallpaper for the sport you love most.


Like trails themselves, we are always in a state of transition..adding new and updating old..



Spread the word!! Pennsylvania Super Trails only on Pa-Conservation.Org

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I don't know what a worm alert is. Could you please explain? What type of software do you use to get a worm alert?

I guarantee none of our files contain viruses. Unless its a server thing. That we have no control over. We don't own the server the website resides on.


Thank you for letting me know.

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I would like for everyone to be made aware that this type of pop up ad does not come from a web site but is from a file that is in your registry on your hard drive. Please download a free program called adaware by lavasoft. This will get all the files out of your registry that cause ads to appear as pop ups on the internet. Many of these ads are placed on your hard drive due to downloads of search toolbars offered everywhere on the net. The only safe one we have come across is googles search bar.


Also do a search on your hard drive and look for a file called "navexcel" and if you find it, delete it. You can find more information on the internet doing a google search for navexcel.



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