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That was cool.  really good commercial.  The values promoted in the commercial are obvious but I wonder why they chose pwd.  It would seem that any craft project would suffice. just because it's a car?  I don't think there's any hidden agenda.  I know some people have on these forums have complained before about girls and pwd but GSA in our area have been doing their own cars and races for years. 


Would seem like an easy way for bsa to be in the background on tv.  those stupid commercials where the couple are driving their shiny suv to the remove site for a cup of coffee could have scouts hoping out and setting up a tent in the background.  or helping them with orienteering when the couple can't find their way home and gps doesn't work.

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My bet is that the advertisers approached BSA and GS/USA for permission to use uniformed youth in the spot, and both turned them down.


I'm not sure if Ford was first, but lots of manufacturers pitch their cars by showing engineers/designers perfecting models of the product. This spot turns that idea on its head a little.

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  or helping them with orienteering when the couple can't find their way home and gps doesn't work.


Ha!  That would be a good one!


Actually that could be a good series of commercials for BSA...


GPS breaks, scout shows how to use map and compass.

Power goes out in a snowstorm, scout shows how to make a fire

Clean water not available, scout shows how to purify drinking water.


Stuff like that.


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When I was a kid, there were tv commercials for the BSA, showing Scouts doing all kinds of Scoutlike things.  Or, just being a Scout:  The only one I remember specifically has two people walking down an alley between two buildings in an obviously urban area, and they see walking behind them (or maybe coming toward them), a person who is in silhouette because there is no light in that area.  Otherwise there is nobody in the alley.  The couple is kind of nervous because the shadowy figure could be a mugger.  Then the shadowy figure walks into a lighted area and they (and the viewer) see that the person is an older-teenager wearing a Boy Scout uniform.  The couple is of course relieved, because the Boy Scout uniform is a symbol of helpful-friendly etc., not of robbery.  I am sure there were others but apparently none of them stuck with me as that one did.  I am going to guess that the last time I saw a BSA commercial on tv was in the late 70's, maybe before that.


Some people have said in this forum, in the past, that there are BSA commercials available for councils to run on their local tv stations, and maybe some council somewhere does that, but apparently not here.


Added note:  I could not find the one I described above on YouTube, but I found this one, which says it is from 1970, which seems consistent with the uniforms the Scouts are wearing in the second half of the ad.  Why the two adults are wearing Explorer uniforms (or at least that's what they look like to me) is not clear.  (And the very brief glimpse of the young men who they are standing with seems to show some of them in the dark Explorer shirts as well.  But whatever.) There is a definite focus on Scouting-gets-the-city-boys-out-into-the-country.   


Added added note:  I was trying to get that to be just a link, not the actual frame that appears on YouTube.  There is a frame from a cartoon there because the ad was taken from the actual cartoon show in which it appeared, and there is a bit of the cartoon shown after the ad.  (In case anyone got confused by that.)

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