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...or using Scouting to push video gaming?




El Paso,TX  Venture Crew partnering with video game retailer Gamestop.


“We’ve got (the national organization’s) attention now,†said Jack Peterson, who sits on the Boy Scouts of America committee for the venture group. “Every time we ask a group of scouts ‘who plays video games?’ everyone raises their hands.â€


Peterson said the point of the venture group is to reach young men and women who are not acquainted with the Boy Scouts or who live far away from one of their branches.

“Scouting is attractive to kids in urban areas, and it’s tough to get to a meeting when you live in a rural area,†he said. “We’re also wanting to attract kids from diverse backgrounds that play video games.â€


The Boy Scouts started the program on Oct. 5 after leaving flyers at local Gamestop retailers inviting interested players to join the group. A handful were present during the venture group’s first meeting at Guillen Middle School in South El Paso.


“This gives them an opportunity to continue in scouting but in a non-traditional manner they can identify with,†said Horacio Porras, scoutmaster of the Boy Scouts Yucca Council in El Paso. “This is going to allow them the opportunity to be a part of the gaming and scouting community but on a much broader level.†:huh:


The scouts were provided with a Sony Playstation 4, and it didn’t take long for them to start playing a type of game known as a “platformer.†:blink:


The game is called Rayman Legends, and when playing with a partner, it requires cooperation and timing between two players. It’s not obvious, but the game helps the scouts learn how to communicate through virtual communities, an increasingly common way to interact in the workplace.


“This is a safe environment where they can be among friends and learn part of those characteristics as far as the scout code,†said John Townsend, the crew advisor.

Townsend said he makes sure the scouts play games that they can learn important skills from.


The online community can be a rowdy one, and that is where Townsend plans to step in. He knows playing video games against others online can expose the scouts to taunting and inappropriate language. (Okay no argument, civil or uncivil, there - RS)


“They stir the pot in an effort to rattle you,†he said. “That’s not what this is about. This is about providing a safe environment where they can enjoy the company of others.â€

Zane Chamlee, 16, a student at Valle Verde Early College was watching his colleagues play the game. He said he is looking forward to participating in the program.


His favorite game is League of Legends.


“It’s literally the largest game in the world,†he said. (I thought that was soccer? - RS)


Cherish Calero, the district manager for Gamestop in El Paso, said the company partnered with the Boy Scouts to help provide resources to the scouts who don’t have the video game consoles or accessories needed to participate in the program.


It’s not the first time Gamestop has partnered with charitable organizations to provide video game accessories. They’ve also worked with Ronald McDonald House Charities and Make-a-Wish Foundation.


“It’s important that kids learn the life skills that gaming can offer them,†she said.




Unbelievable. What next, Congress aiding the sale and distribution of opioids?


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I like your little interjections there, RS.


I am kind of confused about exactly what this is.


And by the way, "scout code"?  Outdoor Code? Morse? Semaphore? Pirate's? (Really more like guidelines.) (I know, I know, he was probably referring to the Scout Oath or maybe the Scout Law, but it makes you (or at least me) wonder how much Scouting knowledge the guy has if he got such a basic thing wrong.)

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I’ve played this game. It does no more for social interaction or team building or any other skill building than Halo, Minecraft or Second Son...or any video game for that matter. Teaming or clanning is easy for middle schoolers. Getting them to interact away from the console is the problem. Even guys my age have problems. Shoving a console in front of them doesn’t lead to getting them outside more and experiencing real scouting.

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