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Firecrafter Program

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So I'm not sure if you can "make" your own camp programs... You certainly can propose them. But here is my local council's:


 My council (Crossroads of America Council [CAC]) has a summer camp program called Firecrafter ( www.firecrafter.org ).


Essentially it's for getting scouts involved in summer camp and service, much like O.A. but does things a little better in my opinion.


Firecrafter was started by Belzer and Norton and eventually led to what it is now, which is amazing.


My experience in Firecrafter has been awesome, everything from learning how to build a fire with nothing but friction to going through the "Ritual" which I'm not supposed to talk about the secret part, but my time going through it was amazing.


The ritual, though I must be sort of hidden about the full details, but it's basically a 3 day outing, like your usual weekend outings, you just need to be prepared for activities such as a service project, camping like you would in Wilderness Survival merit badge (1st night not the second), and to hone in your fire-by-friction kit's potential.


My hope is one day this program can go National so that all scouts have an opportunity to go through this program.

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