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So, getting off of my anti-EDGE soapbox, and just having fun with the boys ...


We have two librarians -- both second class rank so they don't need the PoR for advancement, but they've been begging to have the position. Last night they hit the ground running ... sorting MBPs and moving them from a box to a shelf for easier access. Chaos ensued, with scouts verbally "checking out" their favs.


The bugler snatched up music/bugling and he had his trumpet (came straight from band) out and started practicing, asking me and a buddy of his to coach him on some of the tougher calls.


The librarian swore that from now on, "no checking out books without showing me your blue card!"


Besides MBPs and maybe some handbooks, what other references would your boys like to check out? What have you seen your boys liking to read? What have they translated into real skills that served their patrol/troop?


In other words, if someone told me they'd like to purchase a book or two for our troop library, what would be on the wish list?

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Field book.  ...

Got a preferred edition?


... Besides that, most of the Scouts get their info from youtube.

Yeah, about that ...


Our CO does not provide internet access, and our prime camping spots are beyond coverage maps. I suspect we are not alone.


So, if we had mass-storage for vids. Which are the "must-downloads?"

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Survival Guides

Older versions of the handbook

Knot books

Camp recipe books

Hunting and trapping books


Novels about scout exploits

Old copies of Boys Life and other outdoor magazines

Listings of appropriate internet sites pertaining to scout activities

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