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Who's running the show?

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How much do the boys pay to volunteer for scouts? 


Sorry, but the boys are voluntarily paying for a program just like any other program being offered out there.  When I pay for an annual pass for the YMCA programs, I'm not volulnteering.


One does not pay to be a volunteer for a program, they pay for what the program provides in service, education, etc.


When a person picks a college to attend, they don't volunteer for the school, they voluntarily go there because of what it has to offer and they pay for the knowledge.


One trains managers, but they develop leaders.  There's a big difference. 


So as an adult Scouter, are you a volunteer or a paying customer? Are you only there to get out of it what you paid, or maybe get more out of it if you got a good deal? Or are you paying AND there to do for others?


Should we stop considering service that scouts provide as volunteering? Since they are paying registration fees, does that mean they are only there for themselves and not for others?


Yes, there is a big difference between training and development. But both managers and leaders are trained AND hopefully developed. If not you have managers without much future and leaders without many skills.

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Sadly in my troop it's still the adults. Although the youth are making progress. The adults will jump in and take over when something goes wrong still. At least they are letting the Scouts do their thing until somehting happens, which is an improvement. They would jump in previously.


The new volunteers are still acting like Cub Scout leaders, and that is not helping matters. They do not understand the patrol method, still jump in for their sons, and are focused on the "legality" of advancement and not the spirit of it. We had one Scout get scared and run to dad's shelter this weekend. Since he slept under the stars, technically he counts as camping still. Problem was, he abandoned his partner, who when he got scared came over as well. And dad has already said he is not pushing his son out.


But the worse thing now is now one adult is saying the unit elections are popularity contests because the same Scouts keep getting elected, and it is starting to spread.


The adult starting this is upset because his older son has never held elected office, only appointed positions. What he is conveniently forgetting is that his older son either A) said he was not interested in running or B) when "encouraged" to run by Dad and/or other adults, the Scouts know he is not interested, so they do not vote for him.  As for younger son, while he enthusiastically runs for election, he is the on who complains, whines, drags his feet, etc when things need to be done. Again none of the Scouts vote for him as a result.


And as I stated the "elections are popularity contests" are now starting to spread. One parent hearing this agreed because his son has never held elected office, only appointed ones. What dad is forgetting what he said a few years back: the family situation only allows the Scout to be there 2/3 of the time, and the Scouts realize this so the son isn't elected. And the SM commented on it too.


I know it is disappointing not to be elected PL or SPL. While I was elected PL the 2nd time around, I was never elected SPL. I was always appointed ASPL.

Of course the SPL election is a popularity contest. However, in my observation, the most popular Scout is the one that the Scouts know will get the job done, and who actually interacts with other Scouts, not just his buddies.  Scouts aren't stupid. They don't want the slacker being the SPL.  

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