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Troop 48 takes over Davis Motorcycle Rally (Iowa)

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The Davis Motorcycle Rally has taken place in New Hampton,IA for many years, but organizers decided not to run it this year (dropping vendor revenue?). Local Boy Scout Troop 48, which had helped motorcycle campers at Mikkelson Park in past rallies, stepped up and organized the now renamed New Hampton Motorcycle Rally


“There’s a little nervousness and a lot of excitement,†Boy Scout 48 Troop Scoutmaster Tony Trower said. “We’re ready, and we’re hoping to get a good crowd.†(Sep 8-10)
And one thing hasn't changed, and that is this: The first motorcyclist enthusiasts arrived on Labor Day afternoon and set up camp.
"I think just seeing that got me all charged up," Trower said. "We can't wait to see how this goes."
Interesting fundraiser idea -  reviving a local event..
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IMO,  as organizers decide not to continue annual events (parades, holiday events,...) for various reasons, this may be a fundraising opportunity for local units to step up. 




What happened to BSA not allowing any gambling?


Also that is true, my town use to do a town wide garage sale, before another troop took it over.

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It’s agaisnt BSA policy? Anything, raffle, 5050, etc.





Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America,


Article XI, Section 1, Clause 1: (e) Gambling.


Any fund-raising project designated to benefit chartered organization units, districts, local council, or on a national basis which involves games of chance, lotteries, sale of raffle tickets, bingo, or could be construed as a gambling activity, is not permitted.

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 I doubt the troop was running any of the gambling activities.  I suspect the troop organized the campgrounds and rally gathering points, sold firewood and maybe water and food, while  other local organizations sponsored the gambling activities.

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“We’re having a rally on the weekend after Labor Day next year,â€â€ˆTrower said. “That’s an absolute positive.â€

And while attendance at the first-ever New Hampton Motorcycle Rally paled in comparison to the heyday of the Davis Rally, Trower and the Boy Scouts had plenty of reasons to celebrate the rally they put together in a span of just two months.

The community support was outstanding, the reviews from the almost 300 motorcyclists were almost exclusively positive and the scouts themselves had a blast.
“It went great,†Trower said ...


Researching this topic, I found several Boy Scout sponsored motorcycle rallies. Some were Council sponsored but more were troop sponsored.

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