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Presenting the Northeast Region Venturing President

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While I never met the outgoing president, her Dad served as a Troop guide on our Wood Badge course last fall.

Congrats to Outdoor Thinker.

I bet the old Grey Eagle is more like a Proud Peacock.

Best Wishes


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Congratulations to both of you!


I'm sure she will do a very fine job. It's obvious she has a passion for the program, the experiences to keep her pointed in the right direction, and the good fortune to have a mentor who will support her.


I'd love to hear more from her here, but I'm betting she's a bit busy, eh?



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Being the Professional Advisor to Outdoor Thinker's Council's Venturing Committee and having the pleasure of working with her I am deeply proud of her. I found out from the regional officials over the weekend when I was at a Venturing Conferance. She will make the Northeast number 1 in Venturing.


OGE, I am predicting National President in OT's future. What do you think?

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Wow, that's super! I haven't seen posts from Outdoor Thinker recently, so please extend my congratulations to her. You sound quite proud of her; what a great support person you must be to her!

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Wow! Look what happens when I am away, you cant stop talking about me anyway.


Thanks for your congratulations.


This semester has really been busy and therefore my time online has been reduced significantly, sorry I havent posted a lot of late. I've been busy with my crew, classes, an internship, work study and other clubs and organzations on campus.


I am really looking forward to serving the Northeast Region as Venturing President. It's truly a great honor and something I really never would have expected. My appointment is also a testiment of the support and encouragement of my fantastic adult advisors, who have really helped me to grow into leadership positions and have always encouraged me to try for bigger and better things.

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Hi all!


I am back on the forum. Hopefully, I'll be a little more verbal.


I'm am just finishing my first BSA annual meeting.I am looking forward to serving the region this year. The meeting was exciting. I even got to meet Roy Williams. Very exciting indeed.


Did anyone else get chance to go?

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