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Harvey impacted scouts & scouters

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From that link: What to bring:

Medical parts A &B, gloves, bug spray, water bottle, boots, long sleeve shirt

We will be mucking houses that were flooded so they can begin the rebuilding process.


Is Council providing respirator masks?

They provided masks.  

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Don't know if you can have a good day among so much destruction, but I had a personal bright spot. Helped a family today. Young boy was eyeing my Philmont hat. Couldn't help it. Just took it off and g

I'm not an expert on aid distribution to be honest. My schtick is S&R. They point me in the area they need help and I go in. The aid coordinators are like Philmont logistics types on MASSIVE stero

Thank you for being "boots on the ground" @@Col. Flagg .  God Bless Texas!

I have not had any luck contacting individual units. Do you think it would be ok to send donations to Sam Houston headquarters? Our troop donated some items and gift cards that I would like to send out.


I would hope they'd accept that. Very nice of you.

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Claw trucks are out already. The Texans are cleaning up really fast. If the scouts don't hurry, they will end up with very little to do. Insurance companies are all over the place and contractors are on the job. Out lying areas where the waters receded slower, could probably need the help. Last I heard, the Beaumont area is still struggling.

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