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Scouts rescue troop leader during backpack

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O’Malley, his fellow trip leader, Diemen Baily, and the eight young men had hiked over 20 miles when they started to summit Hawkeye Point on Monday morning. They were less than a mile into their hike when O’Malley slipped, wedged his foot in between two boulders and then fell.


The Scouts, having divvied up O’Malley’s gear amongst themselves, first tried to assist him in walking to the nearest trailhead, but they quickly learned he was too injured. That’s when they fastened the stretcher, but they soon realized it would take too long to get the injured man out of the wilderness that way. So they used eight trekking poles and attached them by tying Paracord into square lashing and clove hitch knots. They also used Thermarest sleeping pads and duct tape to add padding to the crutches.

... and then the extraction


great story and photo, read the rest




Scout salute and speedy recovery.

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Nice story, and a nice testament to the scouting program. Also a good experience that will serve the boys well as they grow and move on in their lives. Nothing prepares one for a tight situation as well as past success in tight situations. 

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