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Hitched a ride in to the office with the 'scope today. Got some good projections of 80% both from the sight scope and the main reflector. When it wasn't hazy, I saw some sunspots rolling around the crescent. (Anyone in parts north of the path would have seen it.) I couple of strangers stopped and looked at my rig. Worth the price of admission.


Bonus: I volunteered Son #1 to come in and test the new protocol my colleagues our developing, so the 'scope has a ride home!

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The show was awesome. We had 2:32 of totality. Crystal clear skies. Pictures do not do it justice. Things went much smoother than expected and we had about 750 in attendance. Scouts from as far away as NJ and Michigan were on hand. My son and I worked the event and I was worried that we would not make it to the Pinnacle in time to join the rest of our family. But everyone headed up from the events early so there was no problem. Looking at a black moon over the sun was kind of surreal, the 360 sunset was amazing. The light just prior to and after the eclipse was kind of strange, and hard to explain. We saw the beads too, but not the shadow snakes, not sure why.


It was an incredible family experience as I watched it with my wife, son and daughter.


The traffic afterwords was what we expected, a nightmare. It took 3 hours to cover what we normally do in 1 hour.

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