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GoFundMe for Eagle Projects

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On 8/11/2017 at 3:40 PM, blw2 said:

I can say that in my relatively short time as Troop Treasurer, we've had a few scouts now make eagle, and I have not seen 1 nickle from any of it.  Not in or out.  Honestly I have no idea how they are raising their money for the projects.

Unless they want or need to run the money through the troop, you would not.  Most of our Eagles handle their own, keep it under the threshold, turn over any excess funds to whomever was designated in the original fundraising request.  I would say well over half of ours, and we have 8 - 10 per year, get their funding from families and close friends.  No mass appeal.

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15 minutes ago, ItsBrian said:

I believe my Council does not allow it. Atleast my district doesn’t.

@NJCubScouter Am I right or did I read something else?

I'm not sure.  Our troop did not allow it, but then I read something somewhere (Bryan's Blog maybe) that said it was permitted.  I am not sure whether I have heard of a policy of our council or not.

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I'm not up to date on official positions on this matter but when I did my project back in the day National had made a point of preference. They preferred the projects be of service, implying work, so that no one could make the claim that a boys family bought him his Eagle. Yes realistically you have to raise funds for supplies at times but similar to OA the project should be about service to the community. If your prospective Eagle needs money because he can't find suppliers that will donate materials then you are left with finding funds to purchase what is needed. And it's my understanding that begrudgingly National says it's ok.  But the focus still needs to be on the SERVICE project. How the scouts raise funds and the frustration of working within parameters set by others is just part of the learning. If the local council or district or troop leadership want to put limits on how the project gel's done, well that's unfortunate but the process of going around them or fighting them is going to be at least as consuming as trying to find alternate means of accumulating donations in the first place. I guess it comes down to what lessons the scouts need to learn. As far as crowd funding, when laws and fiances are being dealt with responsibly, there really shouldn't be a problem.

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