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Wearing Jamboree patches?

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I attended the 1975 WSJ as a participant.  

Which patch should be worn? US Contingent (rather cluttered with Bicentennial stuff) or the International issue (elegant woven silk one).

Is it worn above the right pocket or  in the temporary location? This would go my COH shirt and not the weekly user.

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I wear my international issue only because I have 1 US patch left. It is worn above the right pocket, unless you are wearing a NSJ patch. Then WSJ is on the pocket.


What the G2AI says found here https://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066_Section1.pdf

Jamboree Insignia

Jamboree emblems for Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, or Venturers are worn only by registered jamboree participants and staff and are centered above the Boy Scouts of America strip, the Venturing strip, or the Sea Scout strip. No more than two jamboree patches may be worn on the shirt—one current national jamboree patch above the right pocket and one current world jamboree patch on the right pocket. If the wearer has an interpreter strip above the pocket, merely move the jamboree emblem upward sufficiently to accommodate it.

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