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So, I'm almost a 30-year scouter (which makes me nearly 40)


I've been a scout, a camp staffer, a scoutmaster, day camp administrator, Wood Badger, district committee member and professional Scouter in four districts (Katahdin Area and Connecticut Rivers Councils).


My son will be a Lion in 2018.

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Hoo boy, are you in deep.   Welcome to the Forums.  Lion Cub eh?    Remember the Cub Mantra:  Kis Mif, Kis Mif, Kis Mif......


Keep it simple, Make it fun.  


See you on the trail....

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Welcome to the Campfire!  I too hail from the northeastern part of our beautiful country, in the Daniel Webster Council.

Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and enjoy the glow and conversation around the virtual campfire!

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