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From my perspective, having worked the food concession register in 2010 at I think was D not too far from the water activities, way too many scouts appeared to not have a good grasp of financial restraint.  Most had the bracelets which were reloadable at various locations, and others simply large amounts of cash it seemed.  But, near the end, many were going without or begging for loans from those that seemed to have unlimited resources.


When I went as a 16 year old in 1960, I had to earn all but the cost of the uniforms, which was about $50 at the time.  I had a job before school and I spent a year beating the bushes for odd jobs to earn enough to attend and have spending money.  


As an ASM in 1985, as well as from my youth experience, it seems to me that those scouts that did have to earn their way were far more appreciative of the experience in most regards.


Ultimately, it is what you as a family decide is the best approach.  Hopefully it will not be open ended like those that kept adding money to the bracelets.  To me that was a mistake.

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I gave my son $30 a day to spend. Probably way too much, but I really had no idea how much he'd need and some of the merchandise in the catalog looked pricey.


I did similar when my son sent.  It effectively was $200 to $250 for the trip.


My general rule ... Most scouts spend what scouts have.  Give him $10 and he'll spend $10.  Give him $200 and he'll spend $200.  He won't starve, meals are covered.  Same with lodging and travel.  


Of course this is my "general" rule.  I have a few kids who if they have $200 on them, they will go home with $200.  I have some kids if you send them with $200, they will go home owing people money. 

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