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Patch Souvenir for Sacramento River trip?

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Our troop likes to award souvenir patches at the end of 50 milers, aside from the BSA award. We are completing 50 miles from Redding, CA to Red Bluff, CA this summer. I am having trouble locating any patch that depicts the Sacramento River.


I know it is a long shot, but does anyone have suggestions of how to find a patch? 


Last year we hikes the Rae Lakes Loop and the Kings Canyon Visitor Center had loads of patches! I can't seem to find any such resource for patches for the Sac River.

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Welcome to the forums, and congratulations to your scouts for their dedication and hard work.

Have you tried to look up conservation societies for the river, or for state parks along the river?

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Such a limited focus on this would make it more feasible to just have a custom patch made for the situation.  When we went to the BWCA with two troops, one experienced, one wanting to learn, we made up the patches and ordered them.  We also went with silk-screened baseball caps, neckers and t-shirts.  It added t the cost, but none of the boys balked at it.  Even found two wooden canoe paddles and wood-carved the event, troop numbers and councils and all the names of the participants to hang in their scout room back home.


Welcome to the forum.

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Here is an idea I have used.   

Go to the local Scoutshop.  Look in the leather working kit section, and you will find a leather fleur des lis (Scout symbol).  Turn it up side down and squint your eyes alittle, see if you can't make out a short canoe against a paddle, if you cut off the upper (lower?) hooks. 


Cut off the hooks,  punch a hanger hole in the "handle" of the "paddle", outline the canoe and write on the date and such NEATLY with a black ball point.  Voila ! A custom canoe trip award.... 

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