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Los Padres Council Outdoor School Destroyed by Whittier Fire

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A wildfire tearing through western California on Sunday mostly destroyed a Boy Scouts camp, killing all of the animals in its nature center, authorities said.

The Outdoor School at Rancho Alegre, an outdoor residential education center that is home to the Los Padres Council of the Boy Scouts of America, said in a statement Sunday that it had "lost our dear animal friends in the nature center and many of the staff on site have lost most of their belongings."

All staff members were safely evacuated, but many lost most of their belongings, it said.

The Boy Scouts council said that "a number of structures" were destroyed and that it was working with other councils to keep its programs going.

From Los Padres Council website


Update:  Sunday, July 9, 5:30 am:  Boy Scout Advancement Camp (July 9-15) cancelled because of the uncontained fire which has closed Highway 154 and destroyed a number of structures at Rancho Alegre.  Scout Executive Carlos Cortez has been working with other Council's camps to get our Scouts a week-long Scouting experience.  Notices are going out via the Council's Communication Network to registered camp attending units.

Update:  Sunday, July 9, 11:10 am:  Here is a link to a photographer who was on site at Rancho Alegre.  The pictures are exclusively of our Scout camp by someone who had a childhood connection to the programs.


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4/5/2019 Update:

The Boy Scouts of America’s Los Padres Council plans to reopen its Rancho Alegre camp and The Outdoor School by February 2020, according to Glen Goddard, program director for the Los Padres Council.

“I’m looking forward to the first group of kids coming back to camp,” Goddard said. “We are trying to build buildings that blend in, so they are more attractive and using earth-toned colors and buildings that will be more pleasing to the eye. We are also being conscious of our environment.”

47 out of 50 buildings that had been built over a period of 52 years — were lost to the blaze.

The first phase of the two-phase project will include four dormitories, six permanent staff housing, a health lodge and two staff housing at The Outdoor School.

“We will have 13 buildings just to get The Outdoor School portion launched and going by early February,” Goddard said.

Volunteers — dubbed the Phoenix Committee — have spearheaded fundraising efforts to help rebuild the site. 

The group is contacting philanthropic organizations and individuals within the community to raise money for construction. More than $1 million has been raised to support the rebuilding campaign, according to a news release.

More at source:


I would be interested in hearing what wildfire resistant measures are being taken in new landscaping and building materials. 


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7/20/2021 Update:

The Outdoor School is an overnight environmental education program serving the Central Coast area for about 50 years, according to Los Padres Council BSA officials. 

Rancho Alegre has served more than 10,000 boys and girls annually.

The blaze destroyed more than 200 acres of wooded buildings at the camp, including 47 of the 50 structures that had been built over 52 years.

Since then, the Boy Scouts of America’s Los Padres Council has decided to rebuild, and the work to construct 13 buildings has been underway to renovate the historic camp.

Access road widening and upgrading as well as ADA compliance are added requirements. The rebuild project is about 60% complete with reopening planned for fall 2022.

More at Source:


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This is old news, though glad to see it is progressing.  Please try to keep the time frames clear, as I thought while I was at camp I missed something tragic again.  Thanks.

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12 minutes ago, skeptic said:

This is old news, though glad to see it is progressing.  Please try to keep the time frames clear, as I thought while I was at camp I missed something tragic again.  Thanks.

He said right at the top it was an update... ? You've been here awhile so you must know Schiff is our media service lol... 

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