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Modern Mosquito and Tick Repellents: Encapsulated Deet, Permethrin, and Thermacell

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Interesting video.


I do have a few comments though.


  • Twice you have slides in the presentation that pretty much say "Don't Listen to Me".  I know you're trying to suggest that folks not rely only on what your presenting, but the moment you say "don't listen to me", you've pretty much lost your audience.  To do so twice in the presentation?  You're just begging you audience to ignore everything you're trying to say.  Why should anyone actually sit through the rest of the video, or believe anything you say, after the first "don't listen to me slide"?  Surely there's another way to say don't just rely on the presentation for your information than "don't listen to me".
  • You mention in your narration that "we all know about DEET".  The thing is, chances are we don't all know about Deet.  Think about your target audience - any chance this presentation might be shown to folks who are first time campers learning how to lead groups in to the woods that know nothing about DEET?
  • Finally - in your section on permethrin, you flash a sign reading "Seriously This Is A Bad Idea" while you're extolling the virtues of using permethrin and have just finished telling us you treat your family's clothes with it twice a year.  If it's really a bad idea, why would YOU use it.  Your "actions" don't match up with this sign.  First you tell us not to listen to you then you tell us something you do on a regular basis is a bad idea.  I guess now we know why its a bad idea to listen to you. 

In general, I liked your presentation, but you might want to consider what kind of assumptions you are making about your audience and what kinds of mixed messages you are presenting.

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So, here is an update.  3M's Ultrathon spray failed miserably at Janes Island State Park in Maryland, USA this weekend.  I was a mosquito buffet.  At the suggestion above, I have also been researching Picaridin, which would have heavily helped with black flies this weekend.  I'll try some new products and make an updated video in the Fall.  If you have ideas for that video, please let me now.

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I have also been researching Picaridin, which would have heavily helped with black flies this weekend.  


It is very good to use with that expensive gear since it does not eat synthetics like DEET and keeps noseeums away as well as the Greater MN Super Mosquito.

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I haven't tried the lotion.  But I am learning they are much more effective for skin application.  The spray is your only option for on-site clothing application.  For summer camp, I am going to try Sawyer's Ultra 30 lotion with permethrin coated clothing.  I am going to take some Picaridin too.


As an update, 3M did write me back and ask me for application details, timeframes, location, and UPC/Lot numbers.  I was surprised to even hear from them at all.



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