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Keep an eye on your scouts!

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"agencies across the nation brace for a particularly high-population tick season"


Anecdotally this seems to be true around here. Our troop maintains its own camp on the St Croix in northern WI. In late April/early May, they planted ~1500 pines on a campout with another troop, so lots of walking around in the grass and brush. Kids got on average like 1-3 ticks. Last weekend we had a dozen or so kids and adults up for a work weekend to paint the cook shack and do other camp maintenance. Everyone there pulled off 15-20 ticks over the weekend and the mosquitoes were legendary. Both ticks and other bugs are better by camp in late July/August but more long pants and some permethrin spray have definitely moved on to my shopping list.

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so using DoD recommended combination of Permethrin treated clothing and properly applied DEET, we made it through the weekend at Camp tick free.  At a minimum, Perrmethrin treated boots and socks just

Polio - vaccine - now.  But in the 1940's an early 1950's there was no vaccine.  Parents were scared to death.  Kids died or were crippled for life.   This virus - none.   Aren't you being a littl


Mrs. Q got me a tickpicker for Father's Day.

The notion of me using my fingers, or a spork really annoyed her.


I carry needle nosed pliers, work really great.  My boys work really hard not getting ticks so they don't have to face me with my trusty pliers.  It works better than DEET.

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