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often it's not quite that toxic though.... which also nudges up against what I experienced.... nobody else is willing to do the job, only because the hole is already filled.  No hole, no reason to step up and fill it.


This is where we found transition planning helpful. We documented the processes, roles and responsibilities that occur on the adult side within the unit. This really reduced the time it took someone to get up to speed. We found having this, coupled with good training to cross-train and "on board" new adults, really helped reduce that "he's plugging the hole so why should I help?" mentality.


Our experience was that we could reduce the number of "Martyrs of Experience" if we documented, trained and openly shared all that knowledge. That really took away that mystique of 20 years experience. Further, we asked the folks with 20 years experience to capture that knowledge, share and train the new folks. Most loved it. One didn't. He's now practicing self-crucifixion at the district level.  ;)

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