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Unofficial (Fundraising) Pinewood Derby Races

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It is common for packs to run separate races with an entry fee for non-Cubs  (mostly Dads) usually with the same BSA weight/size rules, but I am seeing more unrestricted races which are fun and lucrative.

  CO2 gas propellants,

  soda/beer can

  Physics club challenges (STEM groups,high school/colleges)

  altered track


Any packs out there running unrestricted class races? How is it working out?

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I've seen a few unrestricted races happening.  I've not seen it done as a fundraiser.


Mostly just something tacked on to the normal derby & just for fun.

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I googled Adult Pinewood Derby and had numerous finds. The event itself is usually official while some of the races may be less so.


The World Famous Stumptown 40  - $30/car



Adult Pinewood Derby at Iowa Brewing Co in Cedar Rapids  - $50 entry includes 2 free drinks



Woodcraft in Nashville is hosting an Adult Pinewood Derby on Fathers' Day which includes fathers vs sons races and a hardwood race. I wonder if entrants can cut and assemble car there?


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The only fundraising we did at pinewood derby races is the Webelos would get pizza cheap and they'd sell pizza, water, soda, and things like little Debbie snacks.  Any profit would help the den go to webelos summer camp.


That's of course, not what you mean. lol

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