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Can Scouting be established in Latino Communities

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Life can be tough - for instance periodically a group of Scouters started up a troop in a black area of town. The troop would be around for a short period of time.


What suggestions do you have ---


It looks like a unit needs parent for transportation, held teach skills, etc.


How do we recruit these folks?

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Evidently it can, I see their picutures all the time and they are all wearing green pant.


I think that the key is if the parents aren't willing or able to help out that the Charter Org identify others that will help. For example, I know a black fellow who became an SM because his pastor asked for his help in starting a troop. This guy has no kids and was never a Scout but had thrown himself into Scouting in a big way. Much of the help for the troop comes from members of his church who don't have kids in the troop.



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Hi eagle54,


Scout units can be formed anywhere there are boys to join. The only "trick" to recuiting leaders is to do it correctly. Regardless of where the unit is or the population it serves the qulity and character of the key adult leaders will determine its success. there is a terrific tool for this called Selecting quality leaders and it is available from your local scout service center. Read and follow the simple step-by- step process and you will find the people you need to make scouting happen.


Best of Luck

Bob White

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I am from Los Angeles, I am a scoutmaster in a Latino Troop, and we speak mainly Spanish. I am not Latino although I am fluent in Spanish, and have lived in South America and my wife is from Mexico. I have been Scoutmaster for about 5 years. We have had a lot of success and I like to think we made a difference in the life of the boys that came through our troop. Some of the challenges is like what FOG and Bobwhite mentioned recruiting leaders. If you are focusing on Latinos you are probably focusing on either Spanish speakers or by geographical area. You have some of the same obstacles with both. Parents are usually working more than one job or one job with excessively long hours. Sometimes the boys have to be in Scouting for a while before the parents catch on. In Latin America scouting is very closely link with either the Military or the Federal Police and it is usually for the rich. Another thing is that camping is just starting to become a recreational activity in some parts of Latin America but still very much thought of as an activity for peasants. So it takes some work to convert them to the program.


Appeal how Scouting helps strengthen the family, traditionally Latinos has a strong sense of family. Materials and training are hard to come by. I am a District Commissioner as well and I see that we give all the training 3 or 4 times a year. We are one of the only districts in the Los Angeles area that offers leader training in Spanish on a consistent bases. You can get most Boy Scout leader manuals in Spanish but only through learning for life or Scoutreach. The Boy Scout Handbook, Scoutmasters Handbook, Troop Program Features are all available in Spanish.


Economics are also a challenge. We have a very small budget to work with so we have to be extremely creative with our activities. Most boys have problems paying for summer camp and personal camping gear. I have acquired quite a collection of used backpacks and tents I bought at yard sales. So I lend equipment to the boys that dont have any. I am also working with the parents to help them buy the equipment for their sons.


I have loved working with my troop, we havent done many of the elaborate activities that some troops have but we are shaping young men into great men. If I can be of any assistance to you in this endeavor please let me know how I can help.


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Of course it can! Like in any new pack or troop, it just take sa bit of work to get it going. The DE in our District has started up two new packs that are latino. They are struggling because they are so new but I think the kids are sure getting alot out of it.


Johnsned, I understand about economics. There are a few units in our district that struggles with that too because they are in depressed areas. I don't know the area your from, but sometimes businesses will offer discount for Scouts or even sponsor a troop. One year, we happened across an outdoor company that was phasing out a line of packs. They sold them to use for a hefty discount. You might also try approaching other troops, maybe they will lend you equipment or rent it to you. Doesn't hurt to ask! ;)


And what about fundraisers to raise money for equipment? Our troop used to do an annual "Yard Sale" where the parents did their spring cleaning (literally, they were pulling up trucks all day long by cleaning our their garages!) and we made $5,000 or so in a day. (People also gave donations). Then at the end of the day, whatever was left, a donation truck was already arranged to stop by and pick it all up, whatever didn't sell.


Carwashs, popcorn, etc are all good too. Would teach a good lesson for the kids too. They will learn how to work for their equipment and such.


And I know many councils have camperships. Usually they will pay half the camp. The rest can be done in fundraisers.

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