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CANtucky Derby replaces Pinewood Derby

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Maybe the idea is for father and son to construct a car without woodworking tools or maybe the idea is to get beer and soda sponsors for a scout event?


The January pilot event was in Michigan Crossroads Council and sponsored by Tibbs Brewery (Kalamazoo) , who sold the kits.




Perhaps related, this week Don Shepard, the current SE of Daniel Webster Council (NH) , has been named the new SE of Michigan Crossroads Council of the Boy Scouts of America will have a new leader starting in May.


The Michigan Crossroads Council was formed in 2012 through the merger of nine councils throughout the state's Lower Peninsula. It is now the largest council in the United States, serving more than 67,000 youth ages six through 20 and more than 20,000 adult volunteers in 66 counties with a statewide staff of just over 100 people.


Shepard said he thinks the MCC could serve as model for consolidation efforts in other areas of the U.S. where the Boy Scouts has a presence.


"Where it makes sense, I think leadership of the Boy Scouts of America will begin the conversation about consolidation efforts," Shepard said. "The streamlining of the MCC and its statewide operations has created additional opportunities to provide a greater and more enhanced menu of programming and services to Scouting youth and volunteers in Michigan."


Well, good to see the beer is flowing at Council. :blink:


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Looks kinda neat, I would still prefer the PWD.  And not sure what the relationship with Don would be. . .Other than I will miss his leadership here in the Daniel Webster Council.  A great leader, great man, and good friend.

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Must be a loooooong way to go for meetings.   And that makes HOW many Districts in the Council?   Our County here in Murlin  had three, then ONE big one, then six small ones then one big one with three service areas and now three Districts.

 Looks like the BIG Council is really four "Service Areas".  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scouting_in_Michigan .   "Stay tuned", I guess.

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