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Is there any official training for new pack trainers other than the pack committee videos?


I have a leader who wants to do this. I know I'd like him to attend pow wows, round table and whatever else is offered... but is there anything specific to being/becoming a pack trainer he should try and take?


More generally...


If you have a pack trainer, what kinds of things does this leader do for your pack? For example... would they pretty much run recruiting activities from top to bottom? Or maybe just help get the new Den Leaders you find through training? Something in between? I know, it probably depends. But I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts, what works for you.



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Hey Tiger Foot,


A pack trainer is considered "trained" when they have completed Youth Protection (Y01) and the Pack Committee position training. At this time, there isn't a formal module or training solely for the pack trainer position.


That being said, the pack trainer position is designed to give each pack a single, dedicated volunteer who's only role is training and adult development. So, for example, a pack trainer may organize a pack training day to facilitate a classroom or "live" training for new committee members or den leadership. Throughout the year, the pack trainer should be working towards 100% youth protection training for the pack's adult leaders, and he/she should be promoting/facilitating more training opportunities. This could include promoting BALOO, OWL, roundtable, Wood Badge, and any other training (online or in-person) they feel would be beneficial to the pack, but, for the most part, pack trainers generally function as a pack committee member with a few extra jobs.


Hope this helps!

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YPT & Pack Committe is the minimum.


But who is OK with the minimum?  Clearly, they should take every cub training, go to powwow, university of scouting, wood badge, philmont training center, + one supplemental.


Ok, maybe, something in between would work!  Each person and pack will be different, but one would hope that the pack trainer would lead by example and walk the walk.  Attend the pow wow and university of scouting, hopefully with several of the pack's leaders.


Trainers Edge completley slipped my mind.  This, if for no other reason it gets you connected to your council training committee.

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@@Tiger Foot, maybe this will help.




I know several local Packs in my area have put together a mailing list where they exchange information on other training opportunities. Basically they manage YPT for the Pack, make sure leaders are trained, work with district and council to find other training opportunities and, recently, work with Scout troops to come in and teach their Cubs some Boy Scout skills.

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